Friday, January 17, 2014

Cat + Box = GOLD!

Sun Shines Brightest After a Night in Jail

A   L   O   H   A !
" Live each 
 as it passes;
 breathe the air,
 drink the drink,
 taste the fruit, and
 resign yourself
 to the influences
 of each. "

Henry David Thoreau

If you ever spent a night in jail
even years ago
I bet you understood today's
title immediately.

This morning, I left my apt
for the first time in, days,
many days - that's all I can
definitively say.

It was the first day I could
imagine seeing another person,
or having THEM see me!

I hid behind sunglasses, under a helmet,
wore my gloves, and rode my scooter
to the post office, my usual morning 

What a kick!

And, you know, 
Waikiki REALLY is

Though I have a dynamite view,
and a lanai (balcony)
there is something WONDERFUL
about moving through space!

I'm back in bed, now
surrounded by mail,
coloring outside the lines and avoiding
house work. I want to go back out there

I'm getting better.

How's Your Thing going?

                              Fondly, cloudia

Someday, when I'm a Super-Ager
(100+) I think I'll enjoy getting about
with my levitation scooter. . . .