Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why We Have Elections

A  L  O  H  A !

" An election is coming. 
 Universal peace is declared,
 and the foxes have a sincere interest
 in prolonging the lives
 of the poultry.  "

George Eliot

" Democracy is the only system
 that persists in asking 
the powers that be 
whether they are the powers
 that ought to be.  "

Sydney J. Harris

" Hell, I never vote for anybody,
 I always vote
 against. "

W.C. Fields

"The (State)Capitol's
 video surveillance system
 to detect mischief in public areas
is dysfunctional only six years 
after it was installed
 and must be replaced.
  Why bother? 
 Most mischief in the square building
 occurs behind
 closed doors."

David   Shapiro
Columnist & Hawaii Public Treasure,
quoted here by permission
 of the

" [Linda] Lingle practices the rhythm method
 of political safe sex.
  she rocks with conservatives
 when she's in Washington
and rolls with moderates 
at home. "

David Shapiro,
( of  the former Hawaii Gov
 now running for Senate )

" I want to be Senate majority leader
 in order to make
 Obama a one-term President."

Mitch McConnell
 Republican  US Senator

" We are in an election season,
and the test for any CANDIDATE 
 (emphasis mine)
is whether they can produce
 results. "

Republican Eric Cantor (VA) 
US House Majority Leader


So the avowed work
 of a sitting US Senator
in a leadership position
at a time of crisis,
is to obstruct the President
of the Other Party;


The work of a Candidate
is to get things
(While the voters are looking
 and deciding their votes.)

And THAT is why
we need
elections !

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May Providence protect YOU
from your 'leaders"

                               Warmly, cloudia