Thursday, April 26, 2012

Centered? WHICH One?

A  L  O  H  A

Just Like a Woman by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark

Your Ship is Coming In

"Baby can't be blessed,
till she finds out
that she's like
all the rest- "

Bob Dylan

We wore headbands - they sport knitted hats-

"And in the end,
the love you take
is equal
to the love
you make."

 The Beatles  

 Mist in Manoa Valley

Half the joy of life
 is in little things
 taken on the run...

but let us keep our hearts young 
and our eyes open
that nothing worth our while 
shall escape us. "

Victor Cherbuliez

Waikiki Sun

" Only divine love
 bestows the keys 
of knowledge.

Arthur Rimbaud

Not everyone notices

" Your Enlightenment
 rests on
 your own Shoulders"

 Dalai Lama

The Daily Work Continues

  "Thus the superior person
 encourages people to approach  
 by readiness to receive 

I Ching

   "If I had another 50 years 
added to my life I 
would spend it studying the 
I Ching 
so that at last I might 
be made free 
from error." 



Once I worked
at a non-profit
Do - Good
kind of place.

There was a lot of 
about being
'Client Centered.'

and of course
liked hearing it.

But I noticed
that the word
when used among
was a judgement.

"You're acting
JUST like a

That was a put-down.

I wanted to help
the clients,
I regarded them
as survivors of lives
that my fellow staff
would not, could not,
have overcome.

 I identified with
the clients.

But client centered?

I wasn't there yet. 
I was still
blessing them.
I wasn't
a client.

We are all
to a certain degree.

Call it the 
Survival Instinct.

Even martyrs
(in daily life - not holy books)
are all about 
Look how much stronger
MY suffering is
than others' !

Appreciate that others
suffer too-
it's not all about 

I wanted to help others.
But it was self-centered
because it helped me
feel worthwhile.
And I needed that
And they were
paying me.

This morning on my walk,
an older guy in a motorized
cart stopped
and spoke with me
about the photograph
I was taking.

I gave him my attention.
I took my time.

A few steps later,
I realized that
I hadn't taken time,
or showed Aloha-
HE had first!

I no longer need
to be the one helping,
to make others
my clients.

He had blessed me.

We bless each other.
We each deserve it.
We each need it.

my name is Cloudia,
I'm a recovering
superior do-gooder.

Thanks for doing me good.
YOUR visits & Comments
feed my soul.

                             Warmly, cloudia