Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good Lives On

A  L  O  H  A  !

" To find the universal elements enough;
to find the air and the water exhilarating;
 to be refreshed by a morning walk
or an evening saunter; 
to be thrilled by the stars at night;
 to be elated over a bird’s nest
or a wildflower in spring –
 these are some of the rewards
of the simple life. "

John Burroughs

Air Force One; President Aboard

" The ultimate measure of a man 
is not where he stands
in moments of comfort,
 but where he stands 
at times of challenge
and controversy. "

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy 175th Birthday King David Kalakaua
  Born on November 16, 1836

  "although darker than a mulatto,
he has an excellent English education
& in manners
is an accomplished gentleman"

 Samuel Clemens
(Mark Twain)
describing the King, in a letter to his mother and sister.
(Letters, Volume 1, p. 394). 

 Died in San Francisco 
on January 20, 1891.
“Tell my people I tried.”
  His final words

“ Love is a promise,

love is a souvenir,

once given never forgotten,

never let it disappear. "


John Lennon

Queen Kapiolani
Wife of Kalakaua, Queen Consort of the Hawaiian Isles
 Tenure 12 February 1874 - 20 January 1891

Born, Hilo  December 31, 1834
Died, Waikiki June 24 1899
(age 64)

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128 years ago this month,
on November 8, 1883,
six Sisters
of the Third Order of St. Francis
landed here in Honolulu.

The King & Queen welcomed them.

The sisters had come
to nurse the growing number
of isle patients
that were still called
'Lepers' in those days.

50 or more religious communities
  had been approached,
only these Sisters
from Syracuse New York
were willing to come.

Tears streaming down her face,
Queen Kapiolani spoke for herself,
 for King Kalakaua,
and for her people
when she said:

"You have left your home
to come to these far away islands
to care for my poor
afflicted children.
I shall never forget you,
and you are always my sisters. "

The Sisters' leader
Mother Marianne Cope
relieved Saint Damien on his death bed
and carried on leadership
of the quarantine community 
on Molokai's Kalaupapa peninsula 
for 27 years till her own death
in 1918.

The Sisters of Saint Francis
(and of the Queen)
are still serving these islands
through schools they founded.

The hospitals they launched 
and ran for years
are now privately operated. 

Perhaps the BEST novel I ever read,
will immerse you
in these times and places
that seem not that long ago
to us here in Hawaii.

My Review is HERE

the hospital where President Obama was born
here in Honolulu
is called

Long live the nobility of the human soul !

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                                                                                              Warmly, cloudia