Friday, June 5, 2009

Circus Leaves Town


Welcome to a PEACEFUL Waikiki

This kitty girl is glad it's all over!

We're gonna miss these guys, though. They did a great job!

Took this picture from my boat.

Lots of supervisors watched the big job
along with Kitty.

Here's our friend from the top photo earning his bonus!

My boat felt im-MAST-ulated!

Um, that's my car. . . guys?

I think that the jackhammering was the worst.
Or was it the giant crane looming above?
I hated the dust, the fence, the diesel fumes and backup beepers.

But I was impressed with the workers in their fluorescent shirts:

rigging, pulling, riding the work barge that cowboy-ed just off my stern, sending vibrations through the hull and up my spine.
That's about the time the leaking began:
I'm just saying. . .

It was exciting when the steam shovel aboard the work barge grappled heavy chunks of dismantled cement pier out of the water, handing them over to the tower crane that lifted them high and dry to shore-side trucks.
Did I mention the diesel fumes?
Did I mention that all his was happening (daily and for months)
seeming inches from my home, my office, my sanctuary, my boat?!

All in all I'm bloody delighted to see this circus' final act.
Today a comic parade of officials (send in the clowns!)
came to bless the beautiful new dock.

Soon, there will be more fellow boaters walking and parking here.
The lazy harbor community will return to Normal
and to Quiet.

The bustle and pizazz of Waikiki glitters across the sheltered channel
as sea & sky hold sway
here at the border of `Aina (land) and ke Kai (the sea).
Just another day

when you live (as they used to say)
at the edge of Waikiki.
A L O H A! Cloudia