Tuesday, May 7, 2013

When You See an Ant

A  L  O  H  A !
" Give me a smart idiot 

over a stupid genius 

any day. "

Samuel Goldwyn 

" My grandmother is over 80 

and still doesn't need glasses.
She drinks right out of the bottle. "

 Henny Youngman

“An ant on the move 

does more 

than a dozing ox.”

 Lao Tzu 

Consider the Ant- 

In a clever new study, 
patient scientists placed Bar Codes
on more than 1,000 carpenter ants
then used high-resolution infrared 
cameras to monitor the ants.

No one knew before
that ants change jobs
at different stages of life!

Young ants are nursemaids to
the larvae and pupae.

Middle aged ants, patrol the colony
to keep it in working order,
they are police,
and civil engineers.

Do the seniors have a job?
YES! Indeed they do.
Alessandro Crespi of the 
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

"The most dangerous job
is foraging, as it requires leaving the
nest for the outside world. That's a
job for the oldest ants."

if you see an ant
it is a seasoned

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