Friday, August 10, 2012

The Golden Hint

A  L  O  H  A !
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" I believe in
 the Golden Rule. 
I believe in
 practicing it. "

Loretta Young 

" Here's my Golden Rule 
for a tarnished age:
 Be fair with others,
 but keep after them
 until they're fair
 with you. "

Alan Alda

" The golden rule
 is that there are
 no golden rules.  "

George Bernard Shaw

 " The Golden Rule
 of Parenting is; 
do unto your children 
as you wish your parents
 had done unto you!  "

Louise Hart

 " The problem with the bronco
 is to get on 
and stay on. 
This is the problem 
with the Golden Rule-
to understand 
and apply.  "

James Cash Penney

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They call it
"The Golden Rule"

Rules we know ALL

That is how they
taught us:
like a law of 
Nature Mechanist
do this - get 
mistaking their own
anxieties, and whims
into the rules
that they taught us
before we knew
there were any other.

But this rule's
A contract even:
" I'll consider you,
and expect the same
in return. "
That is something
to be practiced,
hoped for;
A someday kinda thing,
until we get it 

But what if the Golden's
not just a finer
better rule?

Perhaps we call it 
to indicate some 
treasure there?

It refers to a knowing
about another person's
needs and desires
being very like one's own.

To know something reliable
about every Other you meet
would change,
 even ennoble

A Golden Hint
about Something
we share;
a reliable unity
at the root of our 
differences riot.

A Golden Hint
about the nature of
that changes one
revealing a world
less cold.

A Hint.

Thank YOU!

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