Friday, September 4, 2015


A  L  O  H  A !
Novato (/nəˈvɑːtoʊ/ nə-vah-toh) 
is a city in northern Marin County, 
in the North Bay region of the 
San Francisco Bay Area, 
about 30 miles (48 km) north of 
San Francisco on U.S. 101.
 2010 U S Census population: 51,904.

Today's Novato was home to several 

Coast Miwok villages: 

Chokecherry, Puyuku,  and Olompali, 

[at the present Olompali State Historic Park.[9]]]

In 1839 the Mexican government 
granted the 8,876-acre 
(35.92 km2Rancho Novato 
to Fernando Feliz. 

[The rancho was named after a 
local Miwok leader who had 
probably been given the 
name of Saint Novatus 
at his baptism.[10] ]

Novato, along with 
the rest of California,
on February 2, 1848. 

" If you don't support the death penalty
 and citizens packing a pistol - 
don't come to Texas. 
If you don't like medicinal marijuana 
and gay marriage, don't move to California. "
Rick Perry

"I grew up in Marin County 
north of San Francisco, and 
in the 1950s and '60s 
it was a natural paradise." 
                                 Huey Lewis

 A railroad was built in 1879, 
connecting Novato to Sonoma County
 and San Rafael. The current depot 
was built in 1917, but closed in 1959 
and is largely derelict. 
The station is still standing.

The Presbyterian church, 
still a landmark in Novato today, 
was built in 1896. Until 2006 it 
housed a number of city offices,
 but was vacated that year due 
to safety concerns and condemned. 
The church has since been renovated,
and city offices returned.

Novato has warm, mostly dry summers 
and cool, wet winters.
 Average January temperatures were 
a maximum of 53.6 °F (12.0 °C) and a 
minimum of 38.7 °F (3.7 °C). 
Average July temperatures were a 
maximum of 79.9 °F (26.6 °C) and 
a minimum of 52.0 °F (11.1 °C). 

Novato was incorporated 
as a city in 1960


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