Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ducklings of Nostalgia


" When Donald Duck
 traded his wings
 for arms, 
was he trading up
 or trading down? "

Douglas Coupland 

Here They Come

" Being born
 in a duck yard
 does not matter, 
if only you are
from a swan's egg. "

Hans Christian Andersen 

One Duckling - 

" A fellow with 
the inventiveness of
 Albert Einstein 
but with the attention span 
of Daffy Duck. "

Tom Shales 

Two Ducklings!

The Fearless Five
( I thought that the moment I saw them )

Bye Bye

" Four ducks on a pond,
 A grass-bank beyond, 
A blue sky of spring, 
White clouds on the wing; 
What a little thing 
To remember for years 
To remember with tears! "

William Allingham


Chestnuts roasting
on an open fire?

The smell of 
in a classroom?

What fills
with nostalgia?

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