Saturday, May 1, 2010

They Call Him 'Zap'

Thanks For Coming

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"To love and to be loved
is the greatest happiness
of existence."

Sydney Smith

"There are three faithful friends:
an old wife,
and old dog,
and ready money."

Benjamin Franklin

My Waikiki Neighbor 'Zap'

"I didn't stand up. The Lord lifted me up."
John 'Zap' Zapotocky, 91


Stand Up paddling has gotten very popular recently,
after almost disappearing from our Waikiki waves.

I've heard it called 'Old Guy Surfing'
but people of all ages
can be seen every day of the week
at all levels of skill
enjoying this old-is-new-again sport
that is associated with Hawaii's greatest waterman,
Olympian Duke Kahanamoku.

Zap learned the sport from Duke himself!
He was out on his 11-foot redwood surfboard
sometime in the 1940's
when Duke paddled up next to him
on a stand up board.

"I asked him about it and he taught me
and I've been doing it ever since,"
says Zap.

"He's been doing it for, like, 70 years.
He's a sweet sweet person."
Gerry Lopez,
Author of Surf is Where You Find it

"I'm a member of the vegetarian society,
but I'm not 100% vegetarian."
say's Zap

"If you're gonna eat something,
eat something fresh."

"I want to be out there surfing until I'm at least 100."

We hope so too, Zap!

Bless you



Paula Rath

Honolulu Advertiser Staff Writer

"A Stand-up Guy"

(April 29, 2010)