Sunday, March 18, 2012

M O N E Y !

For The Love Of Money by The O'Jays on Grooveshark

" No, I wouldn't touch a leper
 for a thousand pounds; 
yet I willingly cure him
 for the love of God.  "

Mother Teresa


A  L  O  H  A  !
Don't Forget to Dance by The Kinks on Grooveshark

Kindly Klick on the Kontent
" If there is anything 
that we wish to change in the child, 
we should first examine it
 and see whether it is not something 
 that could better be changed 
in ourselves.  "

Carl Jung


" Think first 
about the foundations of humility. 
The higher 
your structure is to be,
 the deeper must be its
 foundation.  "

Saint Augustine

" Fugitive slaves were rare then,
 and as a fugitive slave lecturer,
 I had the advantage
 of being the first one out.  "

Frederick Douglass

“When I hear music,

 I fear no danger. 

I am invulnerable. 

I see no foe.

 I am related to the earliest times,

 and to the latest.”


 Henry David Thoreau 

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Music & Nostalgia
are sisters.

Music helps to make
and to mark
a certain moment
in Our Time.

can love the Beatles
but only a lucky few
get to hear them
as a fresh new sound
at just the right
age !

Watching the old kinescope
even the Stones
seem sedate.

That "Damned Jungle Music"
was actually quite

Hard to remember,
to realize,
just how New
it all 
once sounded. 

Do YOU remember?

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Thank YOU
for visiting.

                           Warmly, cloudia