Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh Yes We Can

ALOHA, Friend!

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Spring Time



Click on Chinatown images:
I love strolling in the oldest China Town in America,
right here in Honolulu.

"Many of the significant problems in our lives are more about recognizing the obvious
rather than discovering the mysterious or hidden.
One of the classic ways we deceive and hide from ourselves
is by refusing to recognize
the obvious, and shrouding what is right before us
in rationalization and false complexity."

Jonathan Zap

You run into the most interesting folks there.

"One must look with the heart."
The Little Prince

Dr. Sun Yat Sen spent his school-boy years here in our town,
before he went on to shake the world.

"The whole world is one family."
Dr. Sun

Who is this, under that giant hat, taking picture after picture?

Undemocratic sore-loser forces in our country
have ramped up the intimidation
against their Congressional representatives
who's votes on health care they dislike.
The video below is a great answer to their adolescent outbursts:

ALOHA, cloudia