Sunday, February 27, 2022

What I Always Hope To Be

A L O H A From Honolulu!

What would it mean to
live in a city whose people
were changing each other's
despair into hope?
Adrienne Rich

Aloha is
my joy, my love,
the reason I live;
What I hope to
share with people
and what I always
hope to be.
Danene Lunn

People only change
after they’ve felt understood.
The really good confidants
-the people we go to for wisdom-
are more like story editors
than sages. They take in
your story, accept it,
but prod you to
reconsider it so you can
change your relationship to
your past and future.
    David Brooks

* Resting Spot Moment*

I refuse
putting from me
the best that I am. Walt Whitman

Ours is a virtuous circle,
in which we are enriched
and enrich one another.
Extraordinary. And
I am extraordinarily
grateful for each of you.

Love You,
 Cloudia & Pixie