Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sacred Antics of the Clouds (Hawaii)

A   L   O   H   A !
Love In The Hot Afternoon by Gene Watson on Grooveshark
King Ape (center)
was reading his paper
 but baby seal has climbed
up into his arms.
 See, the bright pages
 are dropped.
Winged Pig (left)
is a little jealous
(his halo is evaporating)
Fractured Rat (right)
waits patiently, just
happy to be allowed.

What tender compassion,
 in the face of the
Kingly Ape.

Baby Seal shyly
looks up into the eyes
of tonight's 
Cloud Monarch.

See Piggys snout
yearning in
for some attention?

Day Rabbit
has run,
following Sun -

A Silly Sea Serpent
(Right, facing left)
breathes limp fire
after a choir
of blue 
Flying Fish -

Keep Dancing,
YOU might just
be Queen
of the afternoon!


Thanks, Dear Friend
for visiting!

You are the cloud nobility
in my sky
Warmly, cloudia