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Massage Time

Time for Your Massage!
Böyle masaj görülmedi!
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Tree Lovers

A  L  O  H  A !
" The capacity to care

 is what gives life it's

  most deepest significance. "

                                                Pablo Casals

" Practice kindness all day

 to everybody and

 you will realize 

you’re already in 

heaven now. "

                  Jack Kerouac

 “Never ruin an apology 

with an excuse.” 

                     Benjamin Franklin

"... every tree near our house 
had a name of its own 
and a special identity. 
This was the beginning 
of my love for natural things, 
for earth and sky, 
for roads and fields 
and woods, for trees 
and grass and flowers; a love
which has been second only 
to my sense of enduring kinship 
with birds 
and animals, and 
all inarticulate creatures."
                                   Ellen Glasgow 

Thank YOU
for Sharing
the Love!
              Fondly, cloudia