Saturday, June 25, 2011

Computer Addicts

Welcome Back to Virtual Waikiki

 " If there was such a thing
as inspiration from a higher realm
it might well be
that the neurotic temperament
would furnish the chief condition
of the requisite receptivity. "

William James

 "Few of us are not in some way infirm, 
or even diseased,
and our infirmities help us

More William James

 " Maybe there was nothing. 
But how would you know
if you didn't send out
a signal? "  

Jeffrey Eugenides,
'Asleep in the Lord'

 Congrats to Morgan Freeman
for his recent American Film Institute award.
This guy is ALL class!

> < } } ( ° >

" We must learn to balance
the material wonders of technology
with the spiritual demands
of our human nature. "

John Naisbitt

'Megatrends' 1982


Aloha, my name is Cloudia,
and I am an internet addict. 

The web is SO involving,
that I regularly need to "fast"
from the computer.

Waking up,
getting (web invisible) Husband off to work 
(thank goodness SOMEONE does!)
clears the deck 
for me to "turn on, tune in,
and drop out"
from my body.

Getting that next post ready
consumes me,

piles of notes & clippings
beckon like fool's gold.

Pictures suggest themselves,
captions that presented themselves 
when I took the shot
morph into "bits" of data
and giggle with electric glee
as they anticipate meeting
Y O U.

My laptop was acting weird - possibly infected -
and it seemed I might have to ship it off to my
special computer friend in Seattle!

The sense of 'emergency' was palpable;
YOU folks are my Buds, my social circle!

I can't keep up with all of you
excellent play mates
as it IS!  
Going off line seems like exile!

Well, I spent ALL day yesterday
restoring my Dell to it's factory settings
from the "image" on the hard drive - not a disk.

I installed EVERY Windows7 update,
and re-installed the programs I use
with a nifty, amazing website utility called

you really should check it out.

NINITE allows you to check-off multiple programs,
like web browsers FIREFOX & CHROME,
along with PICASSA, and many others including
'clean-ups' like AUSLOGICS,
then Ninite installs them ALL
with one click!

So I'm told that the odds are very good that I've
'repaired my computer.'

Only time will tell.
  My very clever computer helper
(the one in Seattle, who TeamViewers 
over to help me out) fears I might have an
extra-clever Chinese root virus,
and still wants to do a fresh install in-person
(goodbye laptop and friends for a week!)

He has taught me SO much!
"Working online is like making sandwiches."

It leaves "crumbs" around your hard drive
and you need to clean up 
after sandwich making.

So I run AUSLOGICS one touch repair/cleanup
and it finds things like Registry Errors,
Start Up Errors
(and the like) fixing them
with the click of the mouse.

So back to internet addiction.
Some play games, others FaceBook
and Tweet

We bloggers create & publish!

We communicate with other thoughtful folks

We make friends who we think about
when we are OFF LINE.

Yes, BLOGGER and the Web are amazing.
But sitting right down to the key board
first thing in the morning,
while it uses the richness of recent dreams 
to create,
also denies the body it's 
morning stretch.

Recently, I have started to WALK first thing.
Throwing my legs out far,
swinging my arms,
posture tall, camera ready,
being among others
in AMAZING Waikiki!

Yep, gotta care for the body first.

Don't want to get "POPCORN BRAIN
do you?!

"The worry is that life online is giving us what researcher, David Levy, calls 'popcorn brain' --
a brain so accustomed to the constant stimulation of electronic multitasking
that we're unfit for life offline,
where things pop at a much slower pace." 

Chinese research on the brains 
of internet addled youth
have shown actual changes in the brain!

So do spend time in the physical realm; 
care for your dear body.

You'll never catch up with EVERY blog post, every short story,

(after you leave your comment here,
of course :)

When I thought I might be offline for a while
I panicked.
But a secret little part
The private little part that likes to walk,
to stare,
to do nothing.
The part (perhaps)
that makes me

Are YOU such a 'Me' too?

I love you guys and our circle!
But if you go outside, or far away,
for a week or two
I won't forget you.

So clean up those computer crumbs
and spend some time off line.
*Pop*   *pOp*
there goes my brain - 
time to run!

       What say YOU?   Fondly, cloudia