Monday, September 14, 2015

Just Sometimes

A  L  O  H  A !
" No great discovery 
was ever made 
without a bold guess. " 

" Dwelling on the negative 
simply contributes 
to its power. "
                   Shirley MacLaine

" Life is too 
deep for words,
 so don't try 
to describe it, 
just live it. "
              C.S. Lewis

Rather strange words 
for a novelist and 
essayist on 
the deepest topics!
Wouldn't you say?


despite my best efforts, 
my head spins faster 
and faster like a toy, 
then it goes flying off 
in some random direction. 

it flies quite far, and 
always unpredictably. 

Happy to report that
 I have retrieved my head 
and it is now sitting 
back on my neck, 
though not securely 
fastened as of yet. 

It remains a bit wild. . . . 

Fortunately years and years 
of being 'over sensitive' 
have given me ample 
opportunity to develop 
skills that even the 
most even tempered 
require from time to time. 

When my head flies 
around the corner 
like Daffy Duck, 
I know what to do, 
and often 
even DO IT! 

So here's to life, 
occasionally over-stimulating life!

Long may I wave. 

And look! 
I can see YOU 
waving back to me!  

                  Fondly, cloudia