Wednesday, May 20, 2020


A  L  O  H  A !
Hard times arouse 

an instinctive desire 

for authenticity.

      Coco Chanel

Woman and men of 

retiring timidity 

are cowardly only

in dangers which 

affect themselves, but 

the first to rescue 

when others are

in danger.

     Jean Paul Richter

The conscience of children 

is formed by the influences 

that surround them; 

their notions of good 

and evil are the result of 

the moral atmosphere

they breathe.

Jean Paul Richter

If I'd known I was going 

to live to be a hundred 

I'd have taken 

much better care 

of myself.

  Eubie Blake

Sometimes on the

way to the dream, 

you get lost and 

find a better one.

    Lisa Hammond

You Are the Reason!

            Pixie & cloudia