Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Past Lives - Past Life


“ Don’t grieve. 
Anything you lose 
comes round
 in another form. ”


“ If you're really 
a mean person 
you're going to
 come back as
 a fly
 and eat poop. ”
Kurt Cobain

“ For the first forty days
 a child
is given dreams
 of previous lives.
 Journeys, winding paths,
a hundred
 small lessons
and then the past
 is erased. ”

Michael Ondaatje

“ This life
 is but a brief
 one of many
 a spirit must 
 in the quest for 
eternity. ”

Brian Rathbone

“ As a man, casting off 
worn out garments
 taketh new ones, 
so the dweller
 in the body,
 entereth into
 ones that are
 new. ”


" You, I,
 we reincarnate over 
and over. 
We live many lives,
 and store up much
Some are
 older souls
 than others 
and so they 
know more.
 It seems to be
 an intuitive "gift."
 It is really
 hard-won experience."
Theosophist Magazine, Feb. 1930

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Do you believe
that we live
 more than once? 

Christian mystic

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said

" We are not human beings
 having a spiritual experience. 
We are spiritual beings
 having a
 human experience.  "

One night in Kona
on Hawaii's Big Island
over 20 years ago
I had a spontaneous experience
of a past life.

 I was an old woman
a long time ago.

For her too, it was night;
but she / I
was on a voyaging canoe
such as the Hawaiians of old
used in their oceanic
journeys and migrations.

Forgotten for centuries,
resumed only in recent years,
voyaging and way-finding
are the very heart
of the Hawaiian Soul.

Rhythms of wave,
and the 
starry night sky
live on in the Koko,
the blood,
and in Hula.

What I remember
is confidence.
And belonging.

in the voyaging kahunas
those young men
with the knowledge
who guided the canoe
nearby to me
and the others
across the churning

I felt a great
so deep 
we moderns have
forgotten it.

I was part of the others,
the island we left
and the one 
we voyaged towards

More a
than an

But I was there,
for that few moments:
a feeling,
a knowing,
a memory,
a truth.
No wonder then
that I look on
and her children
with the love of
a mother.

< ° ) } } > <   

Another time,
hospitalized in 1997,
with very serious
I learned
how precious
and indispensible
Each Breath is.

The whole experience
was a learning one,
I saw many things,
kept company with

One night
I knew I was
Just the second before
I began to rise.

I understood
that I was accompanied
and would momentarily see
(just before I did)
the room, 
hospital floor,
the night hillside,
Honolulu town,
our beloved island. . . 
It all poured out
below me;
and I loved it all
very much.

it was the whole
Earth I knew:

I knew all those
being born,

- Right Then -
all the struggle
and triumph
tiny and big
all the tumult of

I tasted it all
kissing it goodbye
because suddenly
I knew:
"Not your job anymore."

And oh the freedom!
Earth and her fate
meant nothing to me.

I was Myself again!

I  felt and knew
and understood
that restriction was 
I knew absoulute joy
and confidence,
a ruler returning
to a world of my peers.
All we chase here:
 sex and friendship,
confidence, possessions
security and wealth,
all we could lack
home at the Source!
Don;t need those
Our friends
and loved ones,
our fellow players,
THEY are there
more truly themselves
as we laughing
our earned rewards.

I knew my work
was not done.
So I came back.
Was gently SENT
But how, I wondered
 could I ever play Earth game,
resuming my position
on the field
among the other
now that I know
how it all ends.

But fortunately,
my knowing grew dimmer,
becoming memory.

Again it is simple
to believe in
"what if" at 3 a.m. 

So I remain eligible
to learn,
and to earn
 Spirit Virtue Points.

My life DID change;
I know that:
and Sharing love,
are the entire
POINT of the game.
(I'm cheating :-)

Everything else:
stage dressing.

So do Y O U
that YOU have lived

Do you think
we will be
with our ancestors

Glad you took the time
to stop by here first!

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