Saturday, March 20, 2021

The Jab, The Shot, The Hope

 A  L  O  H  A  From Honolulu!

Moanalua Valley, Oahu Link

Granny said God hung that haze 

on purpose, to hide these hills 

from the folks up in Heaven 

who was raised here, so they 

wouldn't look down 

and be homesick.

Vicki Lane

Seen From Kaiser Moanalua Medical Center

Only a person who has passed 

through the gate of humility 

can ascend to the 

heights of the spirit. 

Rudolf Steiner

Line of those with vaccination appointments

You begin saving the world 

by saving one person 

at a time.

Charles Bukowski

Obligatory Reflection/Selfie

Photo Your Parking Level!

There are a million ways to surf, 

and as long as you're smiling, 

you're doing it right.

Unknown Author

She seems OK. Glad she got it, eh?

“What ho!" I said.

"What ho!" said Motty.

"What ho! What ho!"

"What ho! What ho! What ho!"

After that it seemed rather

 difficult to go on 

with the conversation.

                    P.G. Wodehouse

All God's angels 

come to us disguised.     

James Russell Lowell


Love You,
             Cloudia & Pixie

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