Sunday, March 10, 2013

Innocent Wild

A L O H A !
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" Worry

 is using your

 Brilliant Creative Imagination

 to Manifes

what you


Maureen Pua'ena O'Shaughnessy
Our Higher Wisdom 

" A beautiful thing,
though simple in its immediate presence,
always gives us a sense of
depth below depth,
almost an innocent wild vertigo
as one falls through its levels. "

Frederick Turner

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Life & Laundry Tips

Mt. Leahi / "Diamond Head"

" If you haven't got
 charity in your heart, 
you have the worst kind
 of heart trouble. "

Bob Hope

 “ The hardest job
 kids face today
 is learning good manners
 without seeing any. ”

 Fred Astaire

I like the tiny hole letting the green through

" You can find the
 entire cosmos
 in its least remarkable
 objects. "

Wislawa Szymborska 

" Is the Earth 
the property of 
all her passengers, 
or just those 
who manage to 
assert exclusivity 
over her richest resources? "



And now:
Laundry Tip
O' the Day !

" Here's an energy-saving laundry tip for you: Placing a dry towel in the clothes dryer with a load of wet laundry reduces drying time, cutting down on energy usage and utility bills. The idea is that by adding a dry and absorbent material, 
some of the moisture from the wet fabrics is wicked away by the dry towel. This reduces the moisture inside the dryer, allowing each item to dry out more quickly. Experiment at home "

Read more: at  Link

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