Thursday, May 24, 2012

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                  A  L  O  H  A !

" People trample over flowers,
yet only to embrace
a cactus. "

James Joyce

“ Trout, incidentally,
 had written a book
 about a money tree. 
It had
 twenty-dollar bills 
for leaves.”

  Kurt Vonnegut

  ''What is your fortune,
 my pretty maid?'' 
 ''My face 
is my fortune, Sir,'' 
she said."

Nursery Rhyme

" Joy
is the simplest
 form of 
gratitude. "

Karl Barth

" Life
 is 10 percent
 what you make it, 

- and 90 percent
how you
take it. "

Irving Berlin

" I have always loved
 to sit in ferry and railroad stations
 and watch the people,
 to walk on crowded streets,
 just walk along among the people,
 and see their faces, 
to be among people - "

Ella R. Bloor

" Let everyone sweep
before their own door,
and the whole world
will be clean. "


" The winds of grace 
are always blowing, 
but it is you 
that must
 raise your sails. "

Rabindranath Tagore


 You and I,
we know our blogs
are rather small fish
on the

But think of this:
a restaurant
that served
100 meals
a day
would be a
raging success!

for having
a cup
of words
and pictures here.

Don't forget
to 'tip'
your server
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                          Warmly, cloudia