Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Poetry Game - Movies & Songs

A  L  O  H  A !
"Most people ignore most poetry 
most poetry ignores most people."
 Adrian Mitchell

" Let yourself 


living poetry. "


" Poetry is
 a big space 
and I love it. "

Selima Hill

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Some of our friends
write poetry
informed by
literature, the bible,
deep reading & study.

Others of us (like me)
have a frame of reference
involving television
and movies.

I have "written" a poem
every line of which
is the title of a song
(I've made them links
so you can click on the line
and hear the song)

Wild card:
One line may be
a line from a film.

My line #2
is from Woody Allen's
Annie Hall

So without furthur ado-

How is this your buisiness?

Now YOU try it!
then link here,
or link us to your
poetry cliques.

But not before
you give us a "shout"
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(or is it a comment in shouts?)
                             Fondly, cloudia