Monday, December 23, 2013

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Morning Moments on Obama Christmas Island

A  L  O  H  A !

Morning Mountains Mushroom (click to enlarge)

How glorious a greeting
 the sun 
gives the mountains!

John Muir 

Sparkle Show

"Good morning star shine,
The Earth says hello,
You twinkle above us
We twinkle below."

HAIR, the musical

Ship Shape Yacht Yawns
" Ocean 
is more ancient than
 the mountains, 
and freighted with 
the memories 
and the dreams 
of Time. "

H. P. Lovecraft 

You're Only Human, Sir!

“Do not let 
the behavior of 
destroy your 
inner peace.” 

 Dalai Lama 


I plead "Holiday Insanity"
What is YOUR story today?

Actually, we are enjoying
a blessed time of Gratitude
and Home.

The First Family,
the Obamas
are here with us
on the President's 
isle of birth.

If I see a motorcade,
or Sasha & Malia
eating shave ice
you will be the FIRST
to know!

Last year, 
Barack and Michelle
ate at Morimoto
right across the street,
and she returned
after he departed
to sign emergency

Hope he can stay
the full time
this year!

Wishing YOU
ALL the Best!

                    Fondly, Cloudia

Air Force 1