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the Magic of Waikiki

A   L   O   H   A  !

 " There's a feeling deep in my heart
Stabbing at me just like a dart
It's a feeling heavenly

I see mem'ries out of the past
Memories that always will last
Of that place across the sea -

At night when the shadows are falling
I hear your rolling surf calling
Calling and calling to me

'Tis for you that my heart is yearning
My thoughts are always returning
Out there to you across the sea

Your tropic nights and your wonderful charms
Are always in my memory
And I recall as I held in my arms
An angel sweet and heavenly

My whole life is empty without you
I miss that magic about you
Magic beside the sea
Magic of Waikiki "
 Lyrics & Music
first recording:
 78 rpm by Andy Cummings, 
Bell Records 1946

Andy Cummings, wrote this song 
while in Lansing, Michigan on tour 
with The Paradise Islands revue.

 ' It was a cold and foggy night
 in November 1938
 and we were walking back to our hotel
 from the theatre.
 I thought of Waikiki 
with its rolling surf, warm sunshine,
 palm trees. . .'

" Just singing this song to myself
brings tears to my eyes. . . "

Enjoy a great version below:

Open Secrets

A  L  O  H  A !

We may be torn a bit 
by life's winds
 the light shines through 

" Regardless of how you feel inside, 
always try to look like a winner.
 Even if you are behind,
 a sustained look of control
 and confidence
 can give you a mental edge 
that results in victory. "

Diane Arbus

" Every painting is a voyage 
into a sacred harbour.  "

Giotto di Bondone

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A L O H A !

" The imagination,
 give it the least license,
 dives deeper and soars higher
 than Nature goes. "


" Imagination is the highest kite
 that one can fly. "


" We do not need magic to change the world.
 We carry all the power we need 
inside ourselves already:
 we have the power to imagine better. "

 speech to Harvard Alumni Association, 2008

" What is now proved 
was once only imagined. "


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Imagine that!

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