Friday, August 9, 2013

Other People

A  L  O  H  A !
 " Knowing 

your own darkness

 is the best method

 for dealing with

 the darknesses of 

other people.”

 Carl Gustav Jung 

“You can make more friends
 in two months
 by becoming more interested
 in other people 
than you can
 in two years 
by trying to get 
people interested in 

 Dale Carnegie

“ The easiest thing to be in the world
 is you. 
The most difficult thing to be 
is what other people 
want you to be.
 Don't let them 
put you in that position.”

 Leo F. Buscaglia 

“ We must not allow 
other people's limited perceptions 
to define us ”

 Virginia Satir 

" Other People"

is a story we tell

to ourselves -

 - Too often

we "shoehorn" others

into the roles

that we have 

chosen for them.

My wish for you, Friend,
is for YOUr uniqueness
to flourish!
Thanks for your
comments :)