Thursday, October 17, 2013

One Thing HASN'T Happened to Me on 2 Wheels-


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Writing in the Park

A  L  O  H  A !
Morning's Nursery, Pink & Blue
" The difference between

fiction and reality?


has to make

sense. "

Tom Clancy

Monstera & Aruba Blue by Essie
" Things need not have happened
 to be true. 
Tales and adventures
 are the shadow truths
 that will endure 
when mere facts 
are dust and ashes
 and forgotten. "

Neil Gaiman 

Cast a Long Shadow (Java Finch)
" Poetry is an echo,
 asking a shadow
 to dance.
Carl Sandburg 


Much of what I share
with You here
is written during my 
morning walks
  in Waikiki.

writing in my palm
in the park.

It's as if you 
are walking with me.
Every day!

Then I visit your site,
and walk along
with you for a while.

I love our 


Thanks for walking along,
carve a comment
by the trail-
                Fondly, cloudia