Friday, July 11, 2014

Friends in a New Dream

         A   L   O   H   A !                      

#9 Dream(9-'74+) by Lennon, John/Plastic Ono Band on Grooveshark
Nature Seems Empty Without .

" So long ago was it in a dream

Was it just a dream?

I know, yes, I know, 

seemed so very real

It seemed so real to me - "

                                         John Lennon - 9 Dream 

 Here They Are: People

  " Somebody call out my name

As it started to rain

Two spirits dancing 

so strange "

                                 John Lennon - 9 Dream 

“A dream 

you dream alone 

is only a dream. -

- A dream you dream 


is reality.” 
                   John Lennon

“ In a future existence, 

we shall look upon 

what we think our present 

existence, as a dream.” 
                 Edgar Allan Poe


Thanks For Walking Here, Friend!
                                 Warmly, cloudia