Thursday, July 7, 2011

Envied by Princes

A L O H A!

" It is not talking
 but walking 
that will bring us
 to heaven. "

  Matthew Henry

" I have two doctors,
 my left leg and my right. "

   G. M. Trevelyan

Sad Fish, Puzzled Fish

"To find new things,
 take the path you took yesterday."

 John Burroughs

 > < } } ( ° >

What a gift it is
to walk unmolested.

To be anonymous
among others
in the busyness
of life.

To pass
 through the streets,
the meadows
that know one

Before he ran for president
Barack Obama
walked alone in Waikiki,
my mother noticed him
but no one else did

We lament our powerlessness
but in this
we have 
what is denied
to kings:
a simple walk down the street
free of notice
free of strings.

       Enjoy it!  cloudia