Saturday, March 5, 2022

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Waikiki High-rises & Single Family Home

If you ever get the chance
to treat them the way
they treated you,
I hope you choose
to walk away
and do better.
   Najwa Zebian

The more interaction
we can have with
natural elements—like
light, air, and views
of the outdoors—
the happier we tend to be.

Recent survey of more than 1,000
homeowners & housing
industry professionals
in the US

I suppose I might
never have known
or believed that love
could be so strong if
I hadn't seen it
dragged through this hell.
Now I know that love can
truly endure anything. 
  Willow Aster

When small men attempt
great enterprises, they
always end by
reducing them to the
level of their mediocrity.
    Napoleon Bonaparte 

Hasarius adansoni, known commonly
as Adanson's house jumper, is
a species of jumping spider
common and associated with
people in most of the warmer
parts of the world. Wikipedia

The most important thing
in communication is
to hear what
isn't being said.
   Peter F. Drucker


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