Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kaimuki, Oahu

A  L  O  H  A !

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“ As soon as I stop
 wishing for things 
to be different,
 I am met 
by the beauty 
of what 
is. ”
 Katrina Kenison.

was the first large subdivision
 outside of Honolulu
 Today she is a neighborhood
 of the City & County.

Locals see Diamond Head 
from Every angle.
I used a Kaimuki shot
 from 'behind'
the crater
for the cover of my
Hawaii novel.
[ see the cover
Here ]


 The landmark
 as it is know around the world:
in profile at the end of 
Waikiki Beach

I like Kaimuki,
 it's hilly-
fun to ride on my 

 In 1898, 
two businessmen 
bought 520 acres of land there 
for 20,000 dollars,
 envisioning a modern, high class
 residential area 
among the red, rocky hills 
and subsistence dairy farms.

Fee simple house lots 
were offered for 400 to 600
 dollars each.
 Without paved roads
 it was a hard sell. 
And so far from

The devlopers even offered
 a 50 dollar "Bounty" 
for every baby born 
in Kaimuki!

Look at the overhanging eaves,
and raised attic vent
for the cooling 
Trade Winds
to blow through.

Contemporary Hawaii
buildings continue
these 'local touches'
like these apartments
in Waikiki do:

I love the sweet old
 narrow streets,
 and the small, indigenous 
Hawaii style houses
of Kaimuki.

Kaimuki is like a museum
of Honolulu's 20th Century.
Wonder who lives

You never know which celebrities are laying low in Hawaii!

“ Trust that little voice
 in your head that says
 'Wouldn't it be interesting if..';
And then do it.”

Duane Michals

Just another perfect day. . . 
in Honolulu


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