Friday, May 11, 2012

Maintain Your Computer

& Your Soul / Alter Ego

A  L  O  H  A !

“  If we maintain 

obsolete values and beliefs,

 a fragmented consciousness 

and self-centered spirit, 

we will continue to hold onto

 outdated goals and behaviors. ”


Dalai Lama quotes

" Update
your operating

Computer Tip

" Computers 
are like Old Testament gods; 
lots of rules 
and no mercy. "


" Your computer is a backup of your soul, 
a multi-layered, menu-driven 
representation of who you are,
 who you care about, 
and how you sin. "

" One day 
ladies will take their computers
 for walks in the park 
and tell each other,
 "My little computer 
said such a funny thing 
this morning."

 Time Magazine, Mar. 29, 1999

" One of the best things
 to come out of 
the home computer revolution 
could be the general
 and widespread understanding 
of how severely limited 
really is. "

" Computers
 are useless. 
They can only
 give you
 answers. "


" It is only when they go wrong 
that machines remind you
 how powerful they are. "


        > < } } (°>

A dear blog friend
has e-mailed me to say
that the new Blogger format
does not allow her
to comment
at this blog
any longer.
  Quel Disaster

I advised her to try installing
and using Google's
CHROME  Web Browser,
or FireFox
which I use daily.

 Google has been offering Chrome
at the Google home/search page,
and I have included a link
to FireFox below.

Some browsers are better
for some things, 
I've noticed.

 PC users,
did you notice some
Window's Downloads
earlier this week?

After they were auto-installed,
I ran Glary Utilities Free
to check for registry errors
and found ELEVEN!
Glary fixed them
with a button-push.

registry errors,
file fragments,
and other debris 
collect on your hard drive.
and they DO
 slow you down!

 Sure you download updates
to your anti-virus / malware,
programs, and run scans 
almost daily. (Right?)

Well, meet my friend
"One Click Maintenance"

This is a free utility for personal use.
If you purchase the "Pro" version
(as I eventually did)
there are even more tools
to optimize, and safeguard
your computer.

But there is NO pressure to buy-
[ And this was an unsolicited
and unpaid recommendation.]

I happily 
used GLARY Free for YEARS
and just wanted my friends
to know about it.

You can download it
via the link below.

Install Glary
Free & Virus Tested


Think you'll try it?

THANK YOU for visiting!
                      WARMLY, cloudia