Monday, December 16, 2013

Friends and Martyrs

A  L  O  H  A !
" You yourself, 
as much as anybody 
in the entire universe, 
deserve your love 
and affection. "

 Siddhartha Gautama

" Self-preservation 
is the first 
law of nature. "

Samuel Butler 

" When we quit
 thinking primarily
 about ourselves 
and our own 
we undergo a 
truly heroic 
of consciousness. "

Joseph Campbell 

" One, with God, 
is always a majority, 
but many a martyr 
has been burned . . .
while the votes 
were being counted. "

Thomas Reed 

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The average person says:
"What is mine is mine;
 what is yours is yours."

The sociopath says:
"What is mine is mine, 
what is yours is also mine."

The exceptional person says:
"What is yours is yours, 
and what is mine 
is also yours."

The exceptional person
 in the presence 
of a sociopath says:

Don't let others
take advantage
of your kindness,
or timidity.

Let your "No"
be "No."

Then stop talking.

If need be,
walk away
after you have said it.

No one can steal
your kindness,
your Aloha.

So give it away.

Feelings of obligation
are danger signs
of a damaged relationship.

Care for the soul
that is in your keeping:
Your Own.

            Fondly, cloudia

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