Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hot Hazy Days in Hawaii

A  L  O  H  A !
" By all these lovely tokens 
September days are here, 
With summer's best of weather 
And autumn's best of cheer. "
                            Helen Hunt Jackson

Salt & Sea Spray are visible in the rays of the setting sun

Northern Bloggers are posting
 crisp blue skies. Soon 
we'll see their pumpkins, 
frost, flamboyant 
Autumn leaves. 

We feel the pleasure 
of our friends Down Under, 
as they enter Spring
and sing of her 
glories in flowers, 
birds and vistas.

But as Sun  departs
or rushes to you
she lingers over
Hawaii's Sub-Tropical

These are hot hazy days,
warmer than our 
Summer was.

Trade Winds are OFF
as we dream of breezy
sunny winter ahead!

These afternoons are 
best spent in the shade.

Surf to soothe 
at dawn and dusk!

[ ( ) ]

Thank YOU
so much for visiting!
                       Fondly, cloudia