Monday, February 25, 2013

Fond Frond

A L O H A !

 is born a genius,
 but the process 
of living 
de-geniuses them.”

 Richard Buckminster Fuller

“Any darn fool 
can make something
 it takes a genius
 to make something 

Pete Seeger

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This Toad Could Save Your Life

A L O H A !

" We may
 be up against a stone wall, 
but we don't have to 
bloody our heads 
against it 
unless we 
to. "

 William Glasser 

" I once had a rose
 named after me 
and I was very flattered. 
But I was not pleased 
to read the description
 in the catalogue: 
no good in a bed,
 but fine 
up against a wall. "

Eleanor Roosevelt 

" If you look closely at a tree 
you'll notice it's knots 
and dead branches, 
just like our bodies. 
What we learn
 is that beauty
 and imperfection 
go together 
wonderfully. "

Matthew Fox 

" It is double pleasure 
to deceive the deceiver. "

Niccolo Machiavelli 

" Adversity can have its benefits—
like the ugly, poisonous
 that wears a precious jewel 
in its forehead. 
In his life,
 far away from the
 civilized world, 
we can hear the language 
of the trees,
 read the books
 of the running streams, 
hear sermons in the stones, 
and discover 
the good 
in every 
thing. "

William Shakespeare 
As You Like it
act 2 scene 1


And what gem
does this toad,
this post
bring you?

Just this too-simple
yet overlooked

USE Re-Usable Bags
for your groceries
to launder &
even disinfect them!

we are all used 
to disposable
and never think
of the bacteria
that lives on
fresh produce,
fish, meat.

You now have
the idea;
An idea
that can indeed
save a life!

There are statistics
of the number of folks
who die from
this unseen
and all for the
best of intentions!

Glad to pass that
along to YOU.

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