Saturday, July 4, 2020

New Beginnings Made Fresh Daily

A   L   O   H   A  !
The thing that's important to know 

is that you never know. 

You're always sort of 

feeling your way.

Diane Arbus

For a moment at least, 

be a smile on 

someone else’s face.

    Dejan Stojanovic

Do not seek to follow in

the footsteps of the wise.

Seek what they sought.

Matsuo Basho

New Beginnings

Made Fresh Daily!

How are you doing?
Ups & Downs?
All Arounds?

Us Too.

The background music
of our life,
Pixie's & mine,
is deeply grateful
infused with the beauty
of Hawaii
and this
Positive Pulse
that you & I
are riding on 

Ride on!

At this moment,
No One Knows
more than your
own heart.

Feel it beat.

Look at what you

We are all playing a part
in a new emergence.

I love you.

Don't spin your wheels
or waste your energy
"What If."

Let's go on with gratitude
for this opportunity
to live our beliefs.

One Breath At A Time.

                     cloudia & Pixie

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