Friday, January 30, 2015

Waikiki Whirlwind

A L O H A ! 
What "Hawaii" Evokes

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“By having good memories 
on every place you just visit, 
you are building paradise 
in your own heart 
and your life.” 
        Toba Beta

Grey Day Honolulu-
Sun Finds a Way

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Rainbows Sweep Sky Clear Again

* " HINT" *

" A chip on the shoulder 
is too heavy a 
piece of baggage 
to carry 
through life."
                      John Hancock

Lurking in Chinatown. . . 
Dancing Lions 
Waiting. . . Ready-
Chinese New Year!

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What a Whirlwind!

Thank YOU-
                         Warmly, cloudia

Light At The End

A  L  O  H  A !
The Light 
at the End of 
the Tunnel
is not 
an illusion - 

- The Tunnel Is!

And Sometimes
the Tree
in the Midst
of the Garden - 

Is Just
a Glorified
Parking Meter

We See
a Burning Bush

Or a 
Glowing Cloud


Isn't It
Worthwhile  Fun?!

                 Fondly, cloudia