Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Aloft by Millions

A l o h a !
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"Give me a pen
and a place to write
and I can move the world."

 (with apologies to Archimedes)

"I knew that someday
with luck
I'd be 50 -
but I never really believed it."

How many megapixels are YOU shooting? Tell me in comments.

The President should be landing here on Oahu today.
Kayakers near his (rented) Kailua home are already respecting an enforced exclusion zone
that encroaches on their usual routes.

"That's OK. We like him."
 One paddler told the TV news.

Like most Hawaii residents, Barry's parents and grandparents lived in
rentals and apartments - not a family compound like the Kennedys and the Bushs.

At this time of year ancient kings closed the passes over the mountains.

Energy is low around solstice time,
and they were wise enough to know that it was time to nurture
the waning light,
time to feed the incipient coals
so that light may rise again.

Nurture YOUR little flame-
perhaps by seeing it as one
in a sea of candles
held aloft by millions of people
like you
and like me.

We are the sparks of tomorrow.
Never forget to pass your wise kindness
on the those needing it.

Would you rather live with a tiger in the house
or a rabbit?

The year of the tiger is winding down.
The gentle rabbit is on her way.

You and I-
we've seen it many times before.

So remember to take time
to waste time-
that's sometimes the wisest investment
you can make.

Thanks for spending some time and attention
with us!

What small secret pleasure do you enjoy this time of year?

And how many Mega Pixels do YOU shoot?

Fondly, cloudia