Friday, April 15, 2016

Hawaii Photo of the Day

A  L  O  H  A !

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A  L  O  H  A !

"All plants are our 
brothers and sisters. 
They talk to us and if we 
listen, we can hear them. "

"Every animal knows 
more than you do."
                  Nez Perce

Redwood Bark KOTCHA

Coast Miwok People
Lived at Olompali for
5,000 years or more
in homes such as these.

Chief Camilo Ynitia was 
a popular host, socializing
 with the Spanish gentry 
at his adobe home,
Rancho Olompali. 

Mr. Ynitia subsequently 
received the only 
patented grant from the 
U.S. government to a Northern 
California Native American,
retaining control of the site. 

Substantial numbers
of Coast Miwok people
continued here till his
death in 1856 scattered 
the community.

The property changed hands.

In the 1960's
the Grateful Dead spent
time here, even giving 
several free concerts
at Olompali.

State Historic Park
is nestled into
 The Mount Burdell 
Open Space Preserve
 [Marin County Parks]

This week, I walked there.
I saw the dancing circle,
the plants they used
and homes such as
they lived in.
Hawks and vultures
wheeled above.
I even saw a 
wild turkey!

Coast Miwok people
have attained recognition
by the US Gov:

"A Restored Tribe Serving 
Marin and Sonoma Counties
The Graton Rancheria community 
is a federation of Coast Miwok and 
Southern Pomo groups recognized 
as a tribe by the US Congress."

More about Olompali
and the Miwok People

Thank You
for Walking Along!
            Fondly, cloudia