Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogger Fix Tip

A L O H A,
Welcome Back to Waikiki

“Play is the only way

the highest intelligence of humankind

can unfold.”


 Joseph Chilton Pearce

“We are shaped by each other. 

We adjust not to the reality of a world,

but to the reality of other thinkers.”

 Joseph Chilton Pearce 

“To live a creative life,

we must lose our fear 

of being wrong.”


Joseph Chilton Pearce






“We live in a web of ideas,

a fabric of our own making.”


Joseph Chilton Pearce
Have recent changes in Blogger 
left you unable to comment
at certain blogs?
Are you having other issues?
What browser are you using?
You can have more than one browser
(Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox)
installed on your computer.
Some are better for certain tasks.
Right now I'm liking Mozilla's
You can learn about this popular browser
and install it
When we were growing up
we were told that there is a
"right way"
and a
"wrong way"
to accomplish any task.
Well today in the world of IT
there are many different ways
to accomplish things.
Give yourself permission
to explore.
What browser(s) do YOU use?
Have you used others?
Why did you change?
Tell us in 'comments' 
      and thanks for visiting today! cloudia