Wednesday, May 19, 2021

In Every Crisis, Doubt or Confusion

A L O H A From Waikiki!

You are an explorer, and 

you represent our species, 

and the greatest good 

you can do is to bring 

back a new idea.

 Terence McKenna

The real problem of humanity 

is the following: 

We have Paleolithic emotions, 

medieval institutions and 

godlike technology. 

Edward O. Wilson

Some of us wake up. 

Others roll over. 

Mark Twight

Waikiki visitors are back! 
Actually, it feels pretty good
to have activity buzzing again. It was pretty, but 
pretty creepy when the streets were empty of all
but few sketchy looking characters. 
We are still wearing
masks indoors and around others. 
This is a pre-covid
shot as most people walking around ARE masked, 
or displaying the mask they will 
need to enter anyplace.

March 2020:

In every crisis, doubt or confusion,

take the higher path -

the path of compassion,

courage, understanding

and love.
Amit Ray


Love You,
Cloudia & Pixie

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