Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rudeness RX

A  L  O  H  A !
" Life is as dear to a 
mute creature as it is to man. 
Just as one wants happiness 
and fears pain, 
just as one wants to live
 and not die, 
so do other creatures. "

His Holiness,
 The Dalai Lama

" Lots of people talk to animals.... 
Not very many listen, though.... 
That's the problem. "

Benjamin Hoff

Are YOU plagued by rudeness,
or is it a rare occurrence?

Encountering Rudeness
What do YOU do?

Get Angry? Retaliate?

If you continue on,
do you despise
your "meekness" ?

Do you consider the
mental health breaking point
of the other party,
glad it was words,
or a glance,
not bullets?

Can you leave it
behind, or
does it saddle you
the rest of the day?

I have found myself
remembering my own
youthful rudeness:

"They are behaving
as I once did."

My world was
a rougher place then.
But I've grown soft
and lain the boulder down.

So go on your way
fool that is was me!
Go with my blessing;
Wishes for 
what I have found.

Perhaps regarding you thus,
cleanses a smidge
of the world's karmic debt,
my own karmic weight.

Per - Haps

We are responsible
for the world we live in.

We notice
what feeds our

we wear our 
style of reality 
like a suit,
we consider others
"out of fashion."

What is your fabric
and how is it cut,
my friend on this funny
blog trail?

Healthy confident humility
is not self immolation,
just hell
to the ego.

Burn it up!

You are bigger than that
after all.

             fondly, cloudia