Monday, October 15, 2012

Pixie Takes Over

A   L   O   H   A  !
" The soul 
of sweet delight, 
can never be 
defiled. "

William Blake

" To show a child
 what once delighted you,
 to find the child's delight
added to your own -
this is happiness. "

J. B. Priestley

" What more felicity
 can fall to creature,
 than to enjoy 
 with liberty? "

Edmund Spenser

" As is a tale,
 so is life:
 not how long it is,
 but how good. . . 
 is what matters. "


"Tails are good,
 not too long,
 that matters to me."


Pixie:  " CLOUDIA!
THIS is your post today??!!

They're gonna know
that it's just the same picture
4 times. . . .

I'm  OUT of here!

You come up
with something

And when I return. . . . "

" Heh Heh. . . . Vroom   Vrroooommmm   Meow! "


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