Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kill Them

With Kindness
A  L  O  H  A !
Putting yourself 


doesn't mean
putting others


" If you’re not the 
hero of your own novel, 
then what kind 
of novel is it? 
You need to do 
some heavy editing.”
                          Terence McKenna

" A gentle answer 
turns away wrath, 
But a harsh word 
stirs up anger. "
                      Proverbs 15

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You cannot kill nastiness
with kindness
unless you
really ARE kind.

No one wants
to be corrected,
or instructed
by a stranger.

But most people
are calmed
by gentleness
and restraint.

Why escalate
a trivial slight
into serious trouble?

Because when you do
stand up to someone
you have to be prepared
for whatever they bring.

Like war:
use only when
Absolutely Necessary!

I can have
a shockingly
short fuse.
That's why I
write these things.

How about 


Thank You!
                        Love,   cloudia