Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Voyaging to Hawaii

A   L   O   H   A !
Coming and Going to Hawaii

" For the execution of 
the voyage to the Indies, 
I did not make use 
of intelligence, mathematics 
or maps. "

Christopher Columbus

Every Day, and Night 
in all Weather, Our Visitors Come

They come for the Sun, 
Scents, Light - 

" Looking back 
at my life's voyage, 
I can only say that 
it has been a golden trip. "

Ginger Rogers

They Come for the Flowers

" The universe lies 
before you 
on the floor, in the air, 
in the mysterious 
bodies of your dancers, 
in your mind. 
From this voyage 
no one returns 
poor or weary. " 

Agnes de Mille

The First Hawaiians Navigated here
in great Voyaging Canoes [ like this ]
See a Hawaiian Voyaging canoe 
under sail with her crew,
and learn about upcoming 
Hokulea`a world-wide voyage

Kolea (Golden Plover)
 comes every Autumn (hungry)
Returning (rested and plump)
 to Alaska in the Spring.

Thank You for YOUR Visit!
                   Warm Aloha, Cloudia