Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet Victory

Aloha to

Here in Hawaii we get out and WAVE at our neighbors
to support our candidates

"Be ashamed to die

until you have won some victory for humanity."

Horace Mann

"Life is like Stepping onto a boat

which is about to sail out to sea

and sink"

-- Suzuki Roshi, Zen master

"There is no better argument against democracy

than a five-minute conversation the common man…"

-- Winston Churchill

"I said a lot of stupid things

when I was with the Conservative Party,

and I left them,

because I did not want to go on saying stupid things."

-- Winston Churchill

"Sunlight is the best disinfectant."

- Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis


The only thing more futile than voting

is not voting.

It is our responsibility

to be aware of what's going on

and to advocate for the good.

We disagree on what IS "good"
but by debate
we arrive at agreement.

Yeah, right!

Politics is about world-view
and the power to make it happen.

Here in Hawaii

where the principle of


is enshrined in our law

there is less,

or should I say:

subtle negative campaigning.

Negative campaigning can even backfire here.

With this year, we are ending (YaY!!!)

two terms

of an extremely disappointing, destructive,

and divisive governor.

During the heat of recent politics (Bush! Terrorism! War!)

this liar

who told us that she was focused on our majority Democratic island State

spent much of her time away from us campaigning for Republicans

on the mainland.

Meanwhile, economic storm clouds swept in

and the next thing we knew:

Furlough Fridays for our schools!

Long time Hawaii congressman, Neil Abercrombie,

a University of Hawaii alum like myself,

who was a fellow student and friend

of the president's parents,

(and who knew Barack as a little boy)

has come home to Hawaii to run for governor.

He won the primary last Saturday!

With my help :)

We are looking forward

to doing some things differently

after uncle Neil and cousin Brian

defeat our lieutenant gov who is taking his turn

at the head of his party's ticket.

Neil will win

and it will be a new beginning for our state.

Yeah, I know.

Life will not be perfect,

but I feel welcome in Neil's campaign

as I have felt alienated from a frustrating administration for 8 years.

His ideas, including civil rights for ALL,

make sense to me.

On to victory in 6 weeks!

"You can't change things by force,

only by making the things you want to change seem obsolete."

-- Buckminster Fuller

Have a look at how we do things:

Every campaign event has food, lei, hugging and entertainment. Here's Willie K singing to a charged-up crowd: