Friday, March 6, 2015

Window on the Weekend

A L O H A   from    Honolulu!
Honolulu Reflected, Oahu Weather Map on TV
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" So long as the memory 
of certain beloved friends
 lives in my heart, 
I shall say that 
life is good. "
                                    Helen Keller

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Thank You, Friend!

Avoid the Obvious

A  L  O  H  A   from   Honolulu!
I have always been 
fascinated by the past, 
even before 
I spent so much 
of my life there. 

" You cannot escape 
the responsibility 
of tomorrow 
by evading it 
today. "
                   Abraham Lincoln

People who are tall
have heard the jokes

Why would You
want to be
the 439,95763,374,650th
'wit' to call her 'Shorty'
or inquire as to the 
Weather 'up there'?

The guy with the broken arm
probably does NOT 
want to tell you
the story again.

People who are different
from You,
different Race Gender Culture
Clothing Style Slogans
are MORE than
that difference!

They are NOT
walking examples
of something you

They are not
a characteristic.
They are a human.

Children stare.
Mature people

Grow Up!

Then come goof around
here in a delightfully
immature way :)
                       Fondly, cloudia