Sunday, May 8, 2011

Opposite Day!

ALOHA means 'Goodbye'

As Well as 'Hello'

"Solitary trees,
if they grow at all, 
grow strong."

Winston Churchill

"I can see you are flawed.
You have not hidden it.
 That is your greatest gift to me."

Alice Walker

"Self development
is a higher duty
than self sacrifice."

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"They say,

we're too old to play hide and seek...

but, if I were given a chance, 

I'd give anything just to hear someone say, 

'I found you!' "



Our brains are marvelous.
Just like athletes know of the body,
the brain get's used to doing things a certain way
and conserves energy by doing it just that way.

Therefore, we can stimulate our brain
by doing things differently;
Brush your teeth with the "wrong" hand
and your brain will wake up and forge
new connections.

I work on a laptop
and my right elbo is complaining
about the repetitive use I must make
of the touch-pad & scroll buttons (up! & down!).

Well I've gone and gotten myself
a wireless mouse!

Now I'm clicking with the left hand,
plus I have a cool 'scrolling wheel.'

Living completely within our comfort zone
only comforts our way to decline.

Do simple things in a different way.

Stand on one foot.

Drive someplace a different way.

You can thank me later!

                     What do you say?  warmly, cloudia