Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rhythms of Friendship

A  L  O  H  A !

" Friends 

are as companions 

on a journey, 

who ought to aid 

each other 

to persevere in the road 

to a happier life. "


“Sincere deeds 
invite new friends.” 

 Toba Beta

" Truth springs from
amongst friends. " 

David Hume

" Only the solitary
 know the full joys 
of friendship. 
Others have their family; 
but to a solitary 
and an exile 
his friends are 
everything. "

Warren G. Harding 


has it's rhythms
just like everything 
else in life.

The surge and thrill
of recognition,

The pleasure 
of learning
about each other.

Joys & irritations.

If you idealize people,
real humans
inevitably disappoint.

But if you take them
as they are
people can
surprise you.

The best friends
don't last forever,
some go away
and some
come back.

Some are gone
way too soon.

But when someone
touches our heart,
mind, spirit,
they remain with us

We would not be
the same
without them.

Thanks, Friend

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