Friday, February 11, 2011

Cloud 8

A l o h a !

"Above the cloud with its shadow
 is the star with its light.

 Above all things reverence thyself." 


Do you see the diving eagle?

"Why is Cloud 9 so amazing?
 What is wrong with Cloud 8?" 

Mitch Hedberg 

courtesy US Air Force

                                                                                                          courtesy Harley Davidson

Why am I showing you this nondescript shot? 
 And what is that black spot at the upper left?

It's a bird in flight captured!

"If I could tell the story in words,
 I wouldn't need to lug around a camera."

 Lewis Hine


"Hawaiians did not fear
or cringe before
or hate
the power & destructiveness
of Mauna Loa (Volcano).

Instead, they measured their
personal dignity
and powers
in terms of this Mother mountain's
majesty and drama,
naming their land
(the Big Island district of)
Ka`u  'the breast.'

They loved Pele
 (the volcano goddess who they
called "Tutu" - grandmother)
endured her furies
and celebrated
the drama of creation
in their lives,
in their songs,
and in sacred Hula
'the Woman of the Pit.'

Pele's family
(of which they were a part)
was embodied in clouds,
and lightning
in the verdure of the forest."

who is largely responsible
for the preservation of the Hawaiian tongue,
folkways, chants, and culture.

the KUMU ('Source')

It seems that we too live among volcanoes
called "economy" "climate change"
"rapid social-economic change."
Frankly, I can get overwhelmed!
It is good to look to the people
of the past,
and to the lessons
they have left us.

Thank you for drifting by today, my Friend!

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